About the course

The PD Advocate course provides the leadership skills to take you to the forefront of PD practice and influence the PD landscape. As the most advanced tier of the PD Academy, this course acts as a platform for networking with other PD experts to share accumulated knowledge and experience. 

Key takeaways

Modules to boost your leadership in driving local PD excellence:

  • Nephrologist-led PD catheter insertion program
  • Managing complex issues in PD
  • Prescribing PD in low- and middle-income countries
  • Telehealth in PD patients

Eligibility criteria

Courses are assigned based on eligibility criteria - Curriculum Vitae (CV) is required.

  • Doctors and Nurses who have completed the PD Foundations and Empower programs
  • Doctors and nurses already running a successful PD program with outcomes that are comparable to and recognized by international standards
  • PD leaders with a passion for driving PD development in their region and a desire to help other centers improve their PD programs

Intake information

Total (online modules + workshops) learning time:
8-10 hours (estimated)

Registration and course rollout: Available Now

Course modules

  • Nephrologist-led PD catheter insertion program
  • PD in low- and middle-income countries
  • Nutrition and cardiovascular risk in PD patients
  • Managing complex issues in PD and in natural disasters
  • Developing a continuous quality improvement program
  • Telehealth in PD patients
Curriculum Faculty

Curriculum faculty

The PD Advocate course was developed by 10 expert faculty members comprising doctors and nurses from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Other Courses in the Series

PD Foundations Logo

Learn the basics of PD and perform it with confidence

PD Foundations key takeaways:

  • Understanding the options for kidney replacement therapy for patients with end-stage kidney disease
  • Understanding general catheter placement and care
  • Basic management of patients with peritonitis and exit-site infections
  • Prescribing PD to a new patient
  • How to train a PD patient and prepare them for home
PD Empower Logo

Implement high quality PD, establish new services, and collaborate with regional colleagues 

PD Empower key takeaways:

  • Understand a team-based approach to a PD program
  • Tailoring PD modality and volume management in PD patients
  • Basic key performance indicators in a PD program
  • Efficient clinical and administrative management of PD Patients