About the course

The PD Catheter Insertion Program provides relevant, practical and actionable knowledge to successfully implement a PD Catheter Insertion Program in your practice.

Key takeaways

Modules to help you deliver high quality outcomes in Percutaneous Catheter Insertion:

  • Understanding the key elements needed when setting up a successful PD Catheter Insertion Program
  • Measuring success of your program by creating an auditing process
  • How to manage the pre-, intra-, post-procedure phases of PD catheter insertion
  • How to manage various catheter complications after insertion
  • Organizing and setting up an urgent start pathway for PD catheter insertions

Course modules

  • Introduction to PD Catheter Insertion Program
  • Program Setup
  • Audit of Practice
  • Pre-procedure Management
  • Intra-procedure Management
  • Post-procedure Management
  • Early Catheter Complications
  • An Urgent Start Pathway
  • Alternative Placement Techniques
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